Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Farewell and welcome

After three years of being Chair, which followed an earlier eight years in the post, I decided it was time to go.  It’s been a real privilege to be part of this Society which not only takes its role of keeping the name of Spark well and truly remembered, but takes much enjoyment in doing so.  So many friendships have been formed, both personal and with other organisations including the National Theatre of Scotland and the National Library of Scotland.  Members have laid a lasting memorial in Makar’s Court, have helped to ensure the publication of all the novels, have visited Muriel’s home in Italy and met great authors, including Margaret Atwood at a special event.

Eric Dickson, an absolute stalwart Secretary, takes on the role of Chair.  There was no contest; Eric is an authority on Muriel Spark and his enthusiasm will drive the Society on. Hugh Statham takes on the role of Secretary, most ably assisted by Lorna who is the Membership Secretary.  Christine Selkirk, our terrific Treasurer, hands over to Clive Preston, whose knowledge of wine we hope leads us into new pastures - or should that be vineyards...

Whatever the future brings I know that the spirit of Muriel Spark will be behind all that happens. Alan Taylor describes the Society as ‘small but perfectly formed’ - may it continue to grow and bring much pleasure to the lives of all Muriel Spark admirers.

Gail Wylie

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